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How to give a Ring of Confidence to a dog.

Hands up those who remember the Colgate toothpaste ad with the ring of confidence. Well try and apply that to a dog………… a big dog………….. like Maya.

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Washing the washing machine

We were rather pleased to inherit a washing machine with the house as it was a make we were familiar with and had never had one let us down. It also saved us a couple of hundred pounds on our … Continue reading

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In my teenage years (yeah, a long time ago now) the rage was to buy a pair of jeans then get in the bath wearing them so that they’d shrink to fit your shape. I passed on that as I … Continue reading

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The New Bed

Hubby collected the new (second hand) bed yesterday without Maggie and I, so it fitted in the car OK. It has spent the night in said car as it was, let us just say, a tad mucky. Wonderful what half … Continue reading

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No brasso or brown sauce, what next?

Hubby is a font of knowledge for making do, alternatives, and thinking outside the box (why else would we have bought a boat three years ago when house prices got away from us but I digress). Photo: in our original … Continue reading

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Bowling you over.

As I was scouring away today, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, and thought EE-yew! Both of us are intent on keeping everything on the boat clean and tidy but somehow this little thing got overlooked, … Continue reading

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And they sank to the bottom of the sea, the sea, the sea

Somewhere in the murky depths lies a treasure far beyond anyone’s dreams. Whether it is guarded by a beautiful mermaid is not known, but one thing is true, today I added £180 to the pot. I was simply doing the … Continue reading

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The Old Ways

It takes less than 5 minutes to clean through the boat, well on the inside anyway. In our old house, we had his and hers hoovers as I couldn’t get on with the cylinder (of The Henry series) and Hubby … Continue reading

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