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Jingle Jangle

We went shopping today and as I was waiting for Hubby to purchase a gate latch for our neighbour, I tuned into the radio. It’s December 1st and the Christmas songs were blaring out over the airwaves. I must admit … Continue reading

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Do you have a Christmas Budget?

With December just around the corner, the media headlines are full of Christmas, from gifts to food to toys and budgets. Some families are no doubt anxious and worried about the holidays and seeing to it that their kids don’t … Continue reading

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Dad’s Christmas: a reblog for 23rd December 2020

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My father’s mother died when he was about 5, and he was actually brought up by his grandparents, uncles and aunts. He told us few things about his childhood, but I particularly remember this about Christmas.…

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100 word Wednesday for 12th December: a reblog for Dec 18th 2020

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This one didn’t come into my reader, so I’m almost a full week late! https://bikurgurl.com/2018/12/12/100-word-wednesday-week-100/ Photo by Blaise Vonlanthen ‘Do you think he’ll see it?’ ‘You’ve decorated the tree beautifully.’ ‘It’s not the same though, Dad…

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Chocs aweigh!

I learned the other day that there will be no concession over Christmas with SW. This is a bit of a blow, because ‘weigh in by text’ day is Sunday, two days after Christmas, and the potential weight gain of … Continue reading

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Deck the halls………………..

We’ve been quite busy today having walked into town and purchased some lights and tinsel. Hubby has wanted to put up lots of lights for years, but other than those on the tree, we’ve made do. Until today. Note to … Continue reading

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Family Christmas: a reblog for 15th December 2020

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Growing up, I loved the idea of a family Christmas as depicted by The Waltons on TV. Grandpa (Zeb) and Grandma (Esther), Libby and John, John Boy, Jason, Ben, Jim Bob, Mary-Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth all…

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A title escapes me

I started this post about four hours ago, forgot to give it a title, and have now forgotten what I was going to write about! I’ve prepared my responses to Frank’s Fibbing Friday, but like to do something in between … Continue reading

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December : Christmas Thoughts 11: a reblog for 2020

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Someone somewhere will be celebrating their birthday today. I know of several, past and present, who were born in December, and a classmate from Grammar School will be 61 today. We were never close, apart from…

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Christmas Shopping: a reblog

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Today is Monday. The first day of the week. A normal day. Wash Day. Shopping Day. BUT WAIT……………………………………….. It’s Tenner Monday. Mad Dash Monday. Let the fun begin. We did our ten pound dash today, parking…

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