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Challenges, Chain Letters and Daisy Chains

Do you remember the Chain Letters that used to circulate in the 60s? You would receive a postcard and on the back was the name and address of 6 people, the last being the person who had sent the card … Continue reading

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Charity Donations

Little snippet on the news this morning: On average, we Brits donate £16.58 per month to charity. There are an awful lot of people here in the UK who cannot afford the 58p, let alone £16. We are two of … Continue reading

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The Only Choice

Morgan was a big man, at six three and two hundred and fifty pounds. But even he felt insignificant and inadequate when he saw the rows upon rows of choice before him. Why was nothing easy anymore? It didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Something Fishy

Walking past one of the chippies in town this week, the smell that greeted our nostrils was tantalizingly good and tempting. As we still had our shopping to do, we decided to get something on the way back for lunch, … Continue reading

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Five a day

The ‘Eat five portions of fruit and veg a day’ campaign has been underway for years. Recently though, I have heard conflicting reports that eating 5 is not necessary, or perhaps 3 fruit, 2 veg, or 3 veg and 2 … Continue reading

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