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Don’t be caught by this Easter Bunny

Hubby and I have found the perfect ‘diet’ chocolate. We were in a shop yesterday looking for dog food amongst other things, and came out with some seedling trays for our beans and tomatoes, said dog food, some bin liners, … Continue reading

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Monday memory

Today we are having a liver and bacon casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes, together with baby boiled potatoes and savoy cabbage. Memories of that delicious first meal Hubby cooked for me all those years ago are forever foremost in my … Continue reading

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Chocs away

Oh boy, I’m on a roll now. Walking the dog up to the supermarket (how did those doughnuts get there?!), I found myself reciting a little chant from yesteryear about a chocolate bar. Maybe you remember it too: A finger … Continue reading

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Home again

A few days away is always a pleasure, but like most people, we are glad to be home. It seemed quite strange adapting to someone else’s routine, sleeping in a different bed and smelling a different fabric conditioner on the … Continue reading

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All aboard

For the first time since our arrival, we are ‘boat bound’. It hasn’t stopped raining since 10pm yesterday, luckily just after we’d settled down for the night having taken Maggie out for her final wee. These days I’m not worried … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste

For those of you who thought the previous short post was my entry in the Sense series, SURPRISE! That was just a little taster (sorry, couldn’t resist) . Source: WIKI On average, the human tongue has 3,000–10,000 taste buds. These … Continue reading

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Well, that was January.

As we come out of the Chinese Year of the Snake and enter the Year of the Horse, what does February have to offer us?

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