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Today is Tuesday, 1st December

Hello everyone. White bunnies and all that for the first of the new month, which as it happens is the last of this abysmal year. My cards are in the post, and if I receive one from anyone I haven’t … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 24th November

We woke up to sunshine, but it was chilly. Hubby was up first as usual and I followed about half an hour later. I checked my emails as we had breakfast, then we decided to go for our first walk … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday 21st November

We’ve just got back from a brisk walk along the prom, through the park, and round the estate, a distance of about one and a half miles. We took a slightly different route, but still one Maggie was familiar with. … Continue reading

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Boxed in

You may recall yesterday I said I had an idea for making a gift box as I couldn’t find one for my neighbour’s gift. Well today, I found LOADS of flat pack boxes in various sizes and as I had … Continue reading

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Catching up with me

This is actually the norm for both of us after a long trip, the following day is usually OK, but the day after that…………… it’s like the tap has finally run dry. I’ve been busy, though don’t seem to have … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 3rd November

By the end of today, the US will know who will be their next President. I’m a Brit and don’t envy their choices. It’s a worry whichever way it goes. There are three very tired souls in our household today. … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday 28th October

A year ago today (28th October) I was having my surgery and getting rid of Dick. It has been quite a year, I have healed well, the scar is flat and smooth, and the only time I notice is when … Continue reading

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A good day

Today has been one of the better days we’ve had for a considerable while, and I’ve come to bed feeling more relaxed than in recent weeks. The dog has been good for us, weeing or pooing on all of our … Continue reading

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Losing the Edge

It has been one of those days where I can’t settle, get going,  and generally feel BLEH. Saying that though, it hasn’t actually been a bad day. The Head Man himself rang today, albeit late, but at least he apologised. … Continue reading

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Update and breathing easy

Just a quick post and update: We have had a good day. I got up late, took the dog out for a long walk round the park (the geese are in residence, including one with a broken wing and unable … Continue reading

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