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Headline: Kids in Care

As many of my readers are aware, I was a foster parent for four years in the 1980s. It was one of the few good things to come out of my relationship during that time. When Hubby and I got … Continue reading

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Radio Article

One of the topics on the radio this lunchtime was childhood obesity, and were parents ignoring the issue by burying their heads in the sand. It was mentioned that a five year old weighed over thirty kilos. That’s 66lbs, just … Continue reading

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A bed-slime story………….

I saw something floating in the marina a few days ago, and at first thought it was a fat tendril from the lily pads that are slowly coming to the surface. Not so. It was a dead eel, and as … Continue reading

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The Day of Drooping Tulips

It was a funny old morning when we woke up. For a change, I wasn’t sleepily groggy even though it was only 6am and as we had no plans for the day and the subject had come up yesterday, we … Continue reading

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The day had started as any other Sunday, though that afternoon there was to be a family gathering, an opportunity to introduce Thomas, her daughter’s fiance. It was easiest to have a picnic in the garden for such events, with … Continue reading

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Friday walk thoughts

It was a positively glorious morning first thing! So much so that I (almost) leapt out of bed, got washed and dressed, then took the dog out for an hour before breakfast. The pontoon was a white carpet of frost … Continue reading

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I was in a supermarket the other day and within an inch of dumping my basket of four items and walking out as I tried in vain to get past those just browsing, trolleys blocking the aisle, friends having a … Continue reading

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Dreams of what might have been

I have 2 nephews who are 46 (not twins), another 45, and a fourth 40. My nieces are 36, 32 and 26, and there is a smattering of next generation offspring, who in turn have started their own families. Plus … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle

There is a group of terraced houses as we enter a village close to us that have got together over the years to set up a Christmas scene in lights. It has always been fabulous to see on dark December … Continue reading

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Family Christmas

Growing up, I loved the idea of a family Christmas as depicted by The Waltons on TV. Grandpa (Zeb) and Grandma (Esther), Libby and John, John Boy, Jason, Ben, Jim Bob, Mary-Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth all together at the table, … Continue reading

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