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Grassy memories

The council guys have been in our road cutting the grass today.  One had a sit on mower and was content to cut the pavement before he realised what the grinding noise was, and two had strimmers merrily strimming around … Continue reading

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Someone’s else’s idea………….

A week or so ago I did a post on my card making and a reader mentioned sending a little package of cards to my aunt who had been unable to get out to purchase Easter cards. I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Sad Valentines

I read this sad Valentine post today which sent me back to my childhood. I was what you would call a ‘late starter’. I might have had my fanciful dreams of a few ‘good looking’ guys in my junior class, … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt “Lost and Found”

The challenge: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/2487404978 So for this prompt I want you to imagine an item that you lost as a child, an item you treasured. Tell me how it came to be lost, how you felt, how quickly you moved on … Continue reading

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Community Spirit

I was born in a council house and there were quite a few young families on our estate and in our road. Next door there were 6 children, three older and three younger than me, three doors up there were … Continue reading

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20p is not the same as half a crown

Hubby and I walked Maggie along the beach this morning. We started off on the prom down to the clubhouse, then as the tide was still way out, we went down on the sand. Photo: June 2018, but it was … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Sprat

I woke up with Jack Sprat on my mind this morning, and thought it very appropriate bearing in mind Hubby’s and my dietary concerns just now. Although they aren’t akin to the nursery rhyme, they are becoming quite different and … Continue reading

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Heated Words

So many years ago,  a jealous child, Envious at being ignored said Such cruel words that came to haunt Her adult life until her deathbed. Wicked and evil, as it was declared To wish such spite on another soul, Closeness … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

31st October 2015 Hubby had an errand to run this morning, and after we’d both walked the dog, I stayed with Mum, though he took Maggie with him. Sir Barkalot is worse than ever today, and I took to not … Continue reading

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The walls caved in with a thickening sud

Following on from yesterday’s post (sort of), I woke up this morning with a childhood memory that may amuse you. This one revolves around washing powder. Popular brands at the time were Fairy Snow (loved the smell but it made … Continue reading

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