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Chatting over the fence……………..

I saw our neighbours over the way just as I was taking Maggie out for her first walk this morning and stopped to chat as we don’t see them that often. When we moved here we had a lovely card … Continue reading

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Advertisement Prompt

First and foremost, I am NOT knocking charity, but following a train of thought that could provide more money for a worthy cause. Anyone following my blog will know I am a doggie person. I love dogs, no matter what … Continue reading

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Excuse me? Are you local?

This was a question thrown at me when I came out of a shop on the High Street this afternoon. The young man thrust his hand at me to shake mine, drawing me towards his board and the different kinds … Continue reading

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To Give, not to Get

Interesting topic on the radio this lunchtime, Charity Cold Callers. Did you know they had a script? Yeah, surprised me too, and from what the ex CCC interviewee was saying, Cold Callers are not supposed to take No for an … Continue reading

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I count my blessings

When we got back to the marina, the first thing that really stood out was the water level, which had risen considerably in the two days we’ve been away. Although not as high yet as it had been at the … Continue reading

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The Magic of Three Pounds

It’s Christmas (almost) and charities have hired the likes of Bill Nighy, Dougray Scott and Michael Sheen to bring to our attention the plight of refugee children and their need for clean water, warm clothes, blankets and food. In advert … Continue reading

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Charity Donations

Little snippet on the news this morning: On average, we Brits donate £16.58 per month to charity. There are an awful lot of people here in the UK who cannot afford the 58p, let alone £16. We are two of … Continue reading

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A container for charity

Following on from my post yesterday, we were up early, and down at the lock up for 8am. We loaded up the car with the boxes we had sorted yesterday and did a charity shop run. Yesterday’s ‘deposit’ was received … Continue reading

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Our first bath for YEARS

Tonight we are back in Lincolnshire. We rang our boat cover people to find out when they are in our area and as it was Wednesday afternoon, we decided to come up and sort out our storage. The journey took … Continue reading

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It’s addictive, not compulsive

Since my 250 steps post, I have been meaning to count my own number of steps round the dog walking area. Today I remembered to do it, and from the bench at the Marina entrance to our berth is 640 … Continue reading

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