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It’s a Transient World

Hubby describes our life afloat as a transient world, as like the Services, people come and go relatively quickly and thus friendships may be made, but don’t last. We have seen a lot of changes since our arrival, and today … Continue reading

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They come and go, and at the moment, more are going, and those coming are only temporary. Ordinarily, we would joke that it could have been something we said, but that is not the case. A lot of boats are … Continue reading

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Pensitivity Thinking

Just a few thoughts running through my head after yesterday’s weigh in. This post is based on personal experience, comments, conversations, and in group support. It should by no means be taken as professional advice or guidance. Anyone can have … Continue reading

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Another Life

Hubby and I have lived in a variety of properties, so a house isn’t exactly new to us, just different from the boat and a reminder of all the things that come with owning one. With high winds last night … Continue reading

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Showers, sleep and shopping

It was so nice to have a shower last night and not have to worry about coming out into the cold night air. That and being able to pad to the bedroom in fluffy woolly socks instead of having to don coat, … Continue reading

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Project Boat: Part One

Looking back on several of my Life Afloat posts over the past year, some of our original plans and intentions have not come to fruition. For example, our idea of breaking ourselves in gently with the occasional night away, then two, … Continue reading

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Fighting Back…… Take That!

As you are aware, we experience problems with our WIFI connection occasionally and trying to do anything on the computer can be  S  L  O  W    G  O  I  N  G . Not much improved for me after Hubby’s … Continue reading

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Leaf on the Water

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves start to fall, and the colours of Summer turn from green to gold, russet and brown. Today is officially the first day of Autumn. Our seasons in the UK are all … Continue reading

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Wet Monday

It’s a wet Bank Holiday, so we won’t be going out very much today. Hubby took Maggie up for her first wee of the day around 8am, he clad in the black waterproofs and she in her little jacket and … Continue reading

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From green to blue……………

Just an observation, and perhaps nothing to do with the WP team BUT my little circle going round as I wait for things to load or to switch/connect or do whatever it is between screens, has changed from green to … Continue reading

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