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A prompting we shall go

I’ve been thinking (I know, that could be dangerous) about my blog and whether or not to make any content changes. I enjoy doing the photo/picture prompts and some of the word challenges too, as the different viewpoints and interpretations … Continue reading

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A Time of the Signs?

Hubby took the dog out for her penultimate wee last night and was gone well over an hour. I knew what happened, or rather ‘Who’. When we first arrived on the marina, we knew no-one and nothing about living on … Continue reading

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Add a bit of crunch

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen this week, and apart from my bread pudding and greengage and blackberry crumble (even if greengages are not speed fruit 😦 ) I have found a way to use up the crumbs from savoury … Continue reading

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Old friend, old life

I did a post some time ago about how transient the boating life is, and regular readers will know that we are no longer a part of it now. The couple mentioned in that post have now found a buyer … Continue reading

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This I’ll miss

Hubby and I walked the dog up to the market this morning. What would normally have taken us about twenty minutes took three quarters of an hour. This is a friendly town and our faces seem to be well known. … Continue reading

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Them wot Lunch

We were invited out to lunch today by some boating friends across the way who live locally. We arrived bang on 12.30 armed with a bottle of red wine, flowers and chocolates for our hosts who live in a converted … Continue reading

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We need a plan

Hubby and I gave up planning anything years ago as it always went belly up. With so much going on just now, it became obvious that we would need a plan, as it is not so much a question of … Continue reading

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The lights are on, but no-one’s home

It’s been raining today, and once again, the marina WIFI has failed. Actually it went off-line Friday afternoon, though we have not had to report it this time as several of the other boat owners, liveaboards or not, have gone … Continue reading

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It’s a Transient World

Hubby describes our life afloat as a transient world, as like the Services, people come and go relatively quickly and thus friendships may be made, but don’t last. We have seen a lot of changes since our arrival, and today … Continue reading

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They come and go, and at the moment, more are going, and those coming are only temporary. Ordinarily, we would joke that it could have been something we said, but that is not the case. A lot of boats are … Continue reading

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