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Feet……….. those things at the end of our ankles

Sitting in the waiting room yesterday, the only reading material available was fashion magazines. In my 8 year old bootleg jeans, 25 year old tee shirt from the market that is presentable, comfortable and still fits plus my trainers, I … Continue reading

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Oh please, No.

We’ve been without a TV for over 11 years now, and whilst it is a novelty to watch someone else’s when we’ve been visiting, what I read today has made me even more adamant and determined not to have one. … Continue reading

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When the Pop in popular actually means ‘Pop’ as in old age…..

Watching Sylvester Stallone and his motley crew in Expendables 3 last night, I found myself thinking how my attitude has changed towards certain actors and celebrities (still feel the same about this guy though!). I must admit the first in … Continue reading

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Hubby had to get his glasses repaired today, and as I sat in the car waiting, I people watched again. With interesting results. So interesting, well to me anyway, I thought it worth another post. Doppleganger (source: unexplained mysteries.com) A … Continue reading

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Feet first

I hate feet. With a passion. I always have. Even mine. If Hubby stubs his toe, I am taken back to the time he took a chunk out of it on the carpet edging strip and my stomach lurches. Blood … Continue reading

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Weight Issues

Oh, this is such an everyday topic in the media. The latest is certain celebrities are up in arms as their names are being associated with a set of scales without their permission (read ‘can’t make a buck’) . The … Continue reading

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