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Birthdays………. a celebration or just another day?

Do you celebrate your birthday, especially in later years, or do you see it as just another day of the week that just happens to notch up another year in age? As a kid, birthdays were looked forward to with … Continue reading

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Headline prompt

This was a headline that Hubby brought to my attention this morning. “Little girl left in tears after nobody turned up to birthday………… “source Daily Mirror People can be so unkind, thoughtless and ignorant. This is not the first time … Continue reading


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Crystal Maze

We celebrated our Crystal anniversary in 2006. It was quite a year as my sister celebrated her Pearl anniversary (30 years), it was my Half Century birthday (sadly no 50% telegram from HRH), and Dad had been gone ten. The … Continue reading

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People Watching with a twist

Just a few days ago, we noticed our neighbours 2 boats down walking along the pontoon laden down with clothes fresh from the cleaners. We are not nosy people and respect our fellow boaters’ privacy, but we chat with everyone, … Continue reading

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Mum’s birthday, 2002.

Mum was staying with us for the weekend, and we’d promised to take her out for a Kentucky. As she was getting changed, we heard her curse, so tapped on her door and asked what was wrong. She said the … Continue reading

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The Rice is off

Further to my earlier post, the takeaway will be staying in the chef’s kitchen tonight. We decided to go out to our second river for our walk this morning in the hope of seeing the latest batch of ducklings. My … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today (it was a Wednesday) , I woke up with butterflies in my tummy. ‘Tonight’ I was going on a date, a blind date in fact, meeting someone for a drink. All day I was twitchy. … Continue reading

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