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Sunday Roast 16 December

The day has started beautiful and sunny, such a contrast to yesterday’s cold winds and heavy rain which didn’t let up until late last night. Getting Maggie out for a wee was all down to timing, and even then Hubby … Continue reading

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Stop the day, I want to get off

Ever wanted a day to just ‘stop’ so that you can go back to bed, have a doze, then wake up and start all over again? Today was such a day. We hadn’t run the engine for a couple of … Continue reading

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A little perk

Part of the package buying our new car last September in addition to annual ‘visible checks’ was a six month ‘running in’ health check which would take about half an hour. I booked an appointment last week for 1.30 this … Continue reading

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Yorkshire pudding 1 Mother in Law 0

It was mother in law’s birthday, and as Hubby was away on a course, I thought I’d take her out to lunch. I gave her the choice of venue, knowing she liked the local carvery, and fully expected her to … Continue reading

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