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Bright and shiny as a new pin

As is the norm, when the car goes in for its MOT, it gets the beauty treatment. Hubby washes and hoovers it out often during the year, but come MOT day, everything is checked, cleaned and polished. The windows are … Continue reading

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Warning, warning, warning

We have just checked the temperature inside the car. Our alarm clock which has the temperature on it could not cope and that goes up to a maximum of 88º C which is a whopping 190.4 F. OK, the windows … Continue reading

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Driving in my car (s)

It was a bit of a shock when I realised last year marked the Ruby anniversary of passing my driving test. I’ve written about the cars I’ve owned, and yesterday did a challenge for Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith that … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles……………. a personal opinion

Hubby is always making sure various pieces of equipment are unplugged and/or turned off at the mains if ever we got out. This includes kettles, transformers and laptops. It got a bit tedious, though I do it as  matter of … Continue reading

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MOT and Scraps

Our four year old Hyundai went in for a full service and MOT today. Last year saw the last of the services included in our purchase price, but come January, we had a problem with our rear brakes which needed … Continue reading

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Cars, drivers, and poetry

I read this from Sue Vincent today, and it tweaked a few memories. I passed my test on February 15th 1978. I was one of 6 in the bank taking the test that month, and the only one who passed. … Continue reading

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Gran Prix

Hubby wanted to get my Christmas present today, so we drove into town. I did the same as I did for my Mum when she wanted to buy me earrings, and that was to select half a dozen or so … Continue reading

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Car Watching.

I have a new past time. Why people watch when car watching is so much more entertaining. Hubby had another blood test today, so I sat in the car with the dog and waited. That was after we eventually got … Continue reading

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Bubble and Squeak.

Our boat farts. I’m not kidding, you’ll be sitting here and suddenly will hear a tummy churning type gurgle and bubbles will appear along the hull, just like when you’ve broken wind in the bath. This is probably to do … Continue reading

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Don’t look now………………

It’s the start of a Bank Holiday Weekend and they were all out to kill us. We ventured into one of the larger towns this morning as Hubby had seen a stud fastening kit on the internet that may solve … Continue reading

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