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Poetic thought

Concerned, you ask if I’m OK, ‘I’m fine’ is the standard reply, I smile and you slowly walk away, My heart is heavy, though my eyes are dry. Normally things don’t get the better of me, I take it all … Continue reading

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I’ve found myself thinking about past relationships, though not necessarily wondering how things would have turned out had we not parted company. In my teens, I went out with a variety of guys, including a Hells Angel,  an ex junkie … Continue reading

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To be loved

Lay with me, feel my heartbeat against your ear, Touch me with the lightest caress, a whisper on my skin. Breathe with me, share the air, Be lulled by the rhythm: out, in, out, in. Feel with me emotions deep … Continue reading

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Young Love

I have never lived alone. Even when my marriage failed and a following relationship went belly up, I had somewhere to go, someone to care, someone to help pick up the pieces. I have also written my view on the … Continue reading

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The Helping Hand

‘Let me help you with that,’ he said as she struggled to open the door carrying umpteen packages. With a grateful smile, she thanked him, even more so as he took the heaviest bags from her and with ease carried … Continue reading

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When we got back to the car after this morning’s walk, we met up with the Single Red Setter man. We asked after his wife who has been ill and he was pleased to tell us that she had gone … Continue reading

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