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Hot Dogs

No-one in their right mind would leave a dog in a car in this horrendous heat, yet people still do so and the RSPCA can be called to vehicles to retrieve animals in distress. I remember fatalities at a car … Continue reading

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Going to Pot

No, I’m not about to hit the wacky baccy, but I am growing increasingly tired of the current state of affairs. Hubby and I have lived in a variety of properties, and at the end of our ‘tenure’ have always … Continue reading

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Dreams, Weddings and Boyfriends.

It is said that we all dream as we sleep, but it is not always remembered. Stress made me dream of toilets and obstacles put in my way of convenience relief. Reminiscence sees me dream of relationships past, though those … Continue reading

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Taking for granted

Since our time together, I have tried not to take Hubby for granted, and most of the time, I think I’ve succeeded. We have a brilliant relationship, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, though I tend to be more of … Continue reading

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M is for MOH

Some people may wonder what kind of woman I am if I say I have two husbands. Yes, I was married before, getting my divorce in 1981, so he doesn’t count. I have been happily married to Hubby for 24 … Continue reading

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Cheap curry (with a cheat)

OK, OK, OK. I know I’m always going on about making my own sauces, but for 25p? I’m on a budget remember, and need to make the pennies stretch. Hubby and I are in week two of our weight reduction … Continue reading

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Trust, Trusting, Trustworthy

One of the important things in my book about relationships is Trust. It can be difficult to trust strangers coming into your home for whatever reason, and some of the ‘baggage’ they come with makes it harder, especially when they … Continue reading

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The Other Side

I saw another side of life yesterday. It is a sign of the times we live in and of a Government that basically couldn’t care less about those who are struggling to make ends meet, Politicians who cannot see the … Continue reading

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As if being ill wasn’t enough

Our day started at 5am. Nothing to do with the dogs wanting to go out, bad weather or restlessness. Let’s talk paperwork and organisation within our National Health Service. First and foremost, our friend said he had received excellent care … Continue reading

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A Friend in Need

We received an emergency call from our Friend yesterday. We were packed, the boat secured and on the road within the hour. When we arrived here, it was a 999 job, and he was taken by ambulance to hospital. Whilst … Continue reading

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