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Daily Writing Challenge: WATW 17 November

I am only using Teresa’s photoprompt, though my response is on a personal level. We light a candle for you often. No reason, no special day, just because. Each one is a wish to have you near, feel your presence, … Continue reading

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Missing Mum

I don’t know why, but I was missing my Mum something awful today. It’s not a special day like an anniversary or birthday, but I woke up this morning feeling a  little sad and as the morning progressed, heavier in … Continue reading

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Dogs, pianos, candles and windows.

When we were in Boston this morning, we saw some old friends, got the required socks, had a cup of tea and then went into The Stump to light candles for the two Dads and my Mum. There’s an entry … Continue reading

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Our Guiding Light

Many of my readers know that although we are not religious, we often visited The Abbey to light candles for our Dads. There didn’t need to be a special occasion, but over the years it has become a kind of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad would have been 88 today, and after we’d done all our running around, we went into the Abbey to light a candle. The Lady Chapel was empty with just a few candles on the stand, so we were … Continue reading

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Passing on The Light

Hubby and I walked up to The Abbey today to light candles for our Dads. We had intended to go on Remembrance Day but something came up, and then last week we hadn’t wanted to intrude on the service for … Continue reading

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A New Candle

We went to the Abbey today to light a candle for our friend in The Lady Chapel. We actually lit four, one each for our Dads, and put two others in between them for her and her late husband. In … Continue reading

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Christmas came early and we missed it!

I wonder how many people wish they could just hibernate until the festive season is over. Well, it looks like we just did! Hubby and I had a plan this morning to walk up to the Abbey (slowly) to light a candle … Continue reading

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Not Just Today…………

We went up to the Abbey today to light candles for our Dads. There was a service on, and although visitors are welcome to join in (even half way through) we declined as we had Maggie and she tends to … Continue reading

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Change of view

I’m late writing my post today as we’ve had a full day. This morning, we walked down to The Abbey to light a candle for my Dad and one for Hubby’s. We couldn’t get to our usual place as there … Continue reading

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