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Thoughts on Breast Cancer

Recent headlines have been full of women being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some have responded to treatment, others have sadly passed away and my thoughts are with their families and friends. I have just read an article of a 34 … Continue reading

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Change in meds

Dick, or any other cancer, should not have materialised on the meds I was on following my original surgery in October 2016, so once he was evicted last year and I was given the all clear in November, it was … Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings after breast surgery

Hubby and I were talking about things last night when we went to bed. Obviously what outsiders see could be what we want them to rather than how things really are, but that’s not our way……….. with our friends or … Continue reading

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Positive vibes

I have just got back from weigh in and have lost four pounds this week, which has dipped me under my parameters. Not a diet picture, but you get my quip! I am feeling so positive just now, I think … Continue reading

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Meet Dick

Dick is Humphrey’s cousin, and I hate him. I’ve come up with calling him Dick as some men I know called Dick are right tits (which is where he’s hiding) and it’s playing on DCIS, the type of cancer I … Continue reading

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Thank you all so very much

The support shown to me for my earlier post has been overwhelming. I cannot thank you all enough.  I feed on positivity………… it keeps me going. We are back home and now wait to hear when I shall need to … Continue reading

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Keeping a breast of things

Shower time is boob check time. It’s easier to check for lumps, bumps or Humphries  when I’m soaped and slippery. The result of my mammogram last October was nothing to worry about. It’s hard to believe I had my surgery … Continue reading

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P M A and the individual

Most of my readers know how I feel about PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, something I have had by the lorry load since September and Humphrey’s short-lived existence, demise and subsequent treatment. Attending the hospital every day for the past three … Continue reading

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Lifted Spirits

A smile, a touch, Can mean so much, Your hand in mine, I’m not alone. Steadfast and strong, We meet things head on, Together we fight, Us Two, as One. Each day seemed a year As we waited in fear, … Continue reading

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Loo Blue, or a Blue Loo?

Thank you all so very, very much for your kind wishes today. You have no idea how overwhelmed I feel, and ‘Thank you’ just seems so inadequate. I am home and can sum up the day in one word………………. Owwww! … Continue reading

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