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Today’s His and Hers

Hubby asked me to bake a cake today, one without sugar or jam, so that he could have some. I pointed out that my sponges have sugar in them as a matter of course, but I could do a separate … Continue reading

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In the Can

Or perhaps not. Baking tins….. I had such a shock yesterday, I came over all peculiar. I forgot that I had already bought two flat baking trays when we moved in for the cooker that was already here (and I … Continue reading

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Unexpected Ally………. The Donut.

Several of my posts refer to my battle of the bulge (or belt) which I appear to finally be winning. Compared to September 2001, I am some four and a half stones lighter (61 pounds) but these past few weeks … Continue reading

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But Teacher said………….

  We’ve all heard that haven’t we. Whether it’s to do with the kids’ homework, PE lessons, field trips or classes of some kind, Teacher is always right and knows best (or not). I went to an all girls grammar … Continue reading

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  My first encounter with a warm fresh egg was at my uncle’s farm in Gloucestershire in 1960, and I cried because the shell broke when I washed it. He also kept pigs but when the sow went crazy and … Continue reading

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