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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cake

Food! Love these prompts! Thanks Frank. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/43011194/posts/2236715777 When Hubby had a stab at being self-employed, if he did a little job for my friends at the bank, apart from reimbursement for any spares, he didn’t charge them for fixing anything, … Continue reading

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Under New Management

When we first moved here, we found a lovely cafe on the High Street where we could take the dog and get a good cooked breakfast plus a cup of tea for around £4 each. Often we used to go … Continue reading

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I did it!

Three other cherries have been lost today, the first use of my £1 sieve, the first use of my new mixer, and the first use of the oven! I’m on a roll folks. Dinner today was a simple chop, potatoes … Continue reading

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Memories are made of……. cake.

When I worked for the vending machine company, a popular item in the cake line was a Russian Slice. Should any be returned from site, I and other members of the office staff were allowed to take them home, as … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Last week, we had intended to take the boat up to Stratford again, but due to bad weather we decided against it and to go this week instead. I learned a long time ago not to look forward to anything … Continue reading

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Too many cooks

Hubby, our friend and I all love to cook. We have just got back from an overnight stay at his request as he fancied some company. Well, actually he wanted to get his revenge at dominoes, but that will come … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can be too organized.

You will see from my previous entry that today we were sorting out the kitchen. Hubby, bless him, decided to help and by the rattling of the pots and pans, I got the idea all was not going well. Square … Continue reading

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All the Threes

Welcome to my three hundred and thirty third post. All the threes, just like the Bingo Call (sort of) . I used to love Bingo. So did my Aunt, that and wrestling, though whether she did the two together I … Continue reading

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Post early…………….

I’ve wrapped my first pressies for The ‘C’ Word, and we’re still in November (the parcel to Down Under doesn’t count because I always send that early.) Truth be told we are planning a surprise visit South, so have got … Continue reading

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