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Shopping Around

One of the things about retirement is having the time to shop around, and in so doing, you can get a feel as to what supermarkets are going to have their special offers and when. Today, we had a field … Continue reading

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On the cheap………..

Hubby read an article this morning about a woman who said she could feed a family of 6 for 50p a head. We were intrigued as I have often said I cannot make an individual cottage pie for £1.50 as … Continue reading

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Energy savings: just a thought

I had our monthly energy bill yesterday and we are in receipt of the first £66 installment of the £400 government energy grant so doing very well towards our winter bills. We have however been trying to think of ways … Continue reading

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It’s official: prices are going up

Following on from my post a couple of days ago about rising prices I was reading this article this morning (source) which added fuel to my argument (not that anything will change, but hey). This is my amended calculations with the … Continue reading

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It’s not just prices that are rising

So is our anger. Yet there is nothing we can do except what everyone else is, and manage the best we can. Being on a limited and fixed income has been our way of life for years. Neither of us … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Toilet Roll

Hubby and I are average users of ‘The Smallest Room’, but when we were getting through a complete toilet roll in just a few days, I was concerned that our digestive systems were up the creek. Then I checked the … Continue reading

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Headline Catcher : 23rd January

Readers familiar with my blog know we live on a tight budget and I am Queen of the Spreadsheets. I have one for the accounts, one for the house, one for food, one for the car, one for utilities………. you … Continue reading

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Do you have a Christmas Budget?

With December just around the corner, the media headlines are full of Christmas, from gifts to food to toys and budgets. Some families are no doubt anxious and worried about the holidays and seeing to it that their kids don’t … Continue reading

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Energy in your pocket: Just a thought

According to Ofgem, the UK average dual fuel bill is £1,131 a year, that’s £94.35 a month, which equates to nearly 4% of the average UK household budget. If you live alone or there’s only two of you in a … Continue reading

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News article: Food diary

Hubby came across this in the online news and as you all know I am very food (and money) conscious so I thought it worthy of a post. Bearing in mind the writer works full time, but from home as … Continue reading

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