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Headline grabber: 18 Jan 2020

I’ve just seen this on Yahoo (link) Apart from the Andrex toilet rolls (I paid £3.75 for 9 in Tesco this month and they are actually the same price in Lidl at the moment) and Weetabix which was over £2 … Continue reading

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Headline Grabber

Once in a while something in the headlines catches my eye which generates an opinion bordering on a rant. First of all,  let me remind you of this from a couple of months ago: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2019/09/14/good-news-and-bad-news/ It’s worth a read because … Continue reading

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Back to Office work

No, I haven’t had to get a job to make ends meet following our reduction in income, but I am intending to revisit my spreadsheets and make them easier not only to complete, but also to understand. We have found … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News

For the past eight weeks, we have been waiting for The Brown Envelope to hit the mat sealing Hubby’s fate following his assessment a couple of months ago. In truth, we received a letter a fortnight or so ago saying … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Prompt #123 – Delicate

Thanks to Sammi for our weekend writing prompt. You can check out her challenge here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/20204174/posts/2413126799 Ah, a delicate matter and one close to my heart. You can’t be a number cruncher and get away with not doing budgets. Money, … Continue reading

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Cutting a new cloth

Hubby read this post this morning and knew I would immediately want to follow it up. We are always looking for ways to save money, and the first port of call is to see where your money actually goes. Keeping … Continue reading

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A tentative beginning

Well my prototype sheet is up and running and I’ve done a dummy run with my figures. Can’t say much until I have a full month to work with and I’m bound to have forgotten some things to add to … Continue reading

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