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T.T.T. for dinner on a windy day.

What to do for dinner when the wind’s blowing a gale and I don’t feel like going out to do shopping. Here are my Top Ten Tips: 1. Ask Hubby what he’d like. 2. Check store cupboard, always something that … Continue reading

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2016 vs 2015

I have more or less completed my food spreadsheet for the year, and I have to admit, I am quite impressed with myself! Had I not kept a separate sheet to track my ‘diet shopping’ and thus can ignore it, … Continue reading

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And so to Plan…………………….whatever comes next!

This double glazing lark is proving to be a bit of a game. We have explored several outlets for our ‘cling film’ and when we asked a member of staff, were met with blank, confused or even patronising stares! There … Continue reading

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Three meals (for two) for less than 50p

Yep, you read that right. Three meals, for the two of us, plus a few scraps for Maggie, for under ten bob. My great-grandmother would have been proud. It’s been a while since we purchased a whole chicken and I … Continue reading

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Better than the guy at Number 11

The figures are in for a complete ‘boating year’ and hurrah! We are well in the black. Overall, just over 50% of our joint income went on the essentials,, and 38% on everything else, so we even had a little ‘mad’ money! … Continue reading

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The true cost of Christmas

According to reports, the average British Family are going to spend in excess of £800 on Christmas, with almost a quarter of those spending more than they can afford (link). The TV commercials are full of festive cheer……. spending, gambling, … Continue reading

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Project Boat: Part One

Looking back on several of my Life Afloat posts over the past year, some of our original plans and intentions have not come to fruition. For example, our idea of breaking ourselves in gently with the occasional night away, then two, … Continue reading

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Shot in the Ass

I’m having a warped sense of humour kind of day thanks to yesterday’s title and having a cheese sandwich for lunch. In my LBH (Life Before Hubby) I was a sucker for a sob story, hated conflict (still do) and … Continue reading

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And the day goes on

We were up by 9am, dressed and ready to go…… sort of. Hubby slept pretty well after I got back, I had an hour blogging, then curled up on the bench with a sleepy hound now beside me, and caught … Continue reading

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Feeding the guys

We are spending a couple of days with MOH, and this evening has been spent watching TV cookery programmes. I love to cook, and recently I’ve been sharing my efforts in my blog. I hope if you’ve tried any, they’ve … Continue reading

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