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What a Tenner will buy you

I am trying a new strategy with my food shopping and as well as taking a list, also trying to keep to a budget. I took ten pounds out of the hole in the wall ATM this morning and did … Continue reading

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Analysis of a phone bill

Things seem to be working now and Hubby has managed to access our account , though there is no way I’m going back into our joint email account today! As mentioned, our phone bill this month is way over budget, … Continue reading

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Energy Saving

I saw a headline today on ‘Saving hundreds of pounds on your energy bill’. Naturally, I wanted to find out how. It’s solar panels. Now, I remember us looking into this several years ago, and after taking into account the … Continue reading

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The First Readings are In

OK then. It’s a week since Mr Smart Man installed our new meters, so today was the first week’s readings to check that things weren’t going mad and our usage was being read correctly. The electricity is spot on at … Continue reading

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Utility Bill on the Up

At the moment, we are on a fixed rate tariff with our energy supplier which is working out exceedingly well and we are bang on budget. This is due to expire at the end of October and unless we arrange … Continue reading

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Tutti Fruitti

No, I’m not going to burst into song, but I have been looking at alternatives to the fruit I spent a fortune on last month. Raspberries at £1.69, blueberries at 99p to £1.39, strawberries £1.69 to £1.85, and grapes at … Continue reading

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The First Bill is in.

You might recall my mentioning that our phone bills lately have been way over budget due to calls to hospitals and the doctor’s surgery and being kept on hold. Our new tariff started on March 9th and is fixed for … Continue reading

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A fight to pay more money?

We received an email today with our recent energy bill, despite it only being 17 days since the last one. Such is technology when you provide a meter reading and two weeks later they ask for another one and thus … Continue reading

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Double your money………….. aka tax.

In October 2015, a charge of 5p was imposed on plastic carrier bags supplied by major retailers in the UK, although Wales had already implemented this charge the year before. The idea was that the money raised from the sale … Continue reading

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What are we eating?

It’s Budget Day next week here in the UK and I wonder what our dear chancellor has up his sleeve to screw us for even more money we haven’t got. I read that there is a possibility of a Takeaway … Continue reading

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