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5 ‘Sunday’ Breakfasts

Dr Tanya is asking us for our five favourite Sunday breakfasts. You can join in here She says: What is better than staying in bed on Sunday morning? A fancy breakfast of course. While many of us are in a … Continue reading

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Mine, I tell you, mine!

Guess what I saw in the second hand shop yesterday? In fact I saw 4, but couldn’t see the price, and the shop wasn’t open on Sundays. MOH arrived safely yesterday afternoon and we spent an enjoyable evening playing scrabble … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Breakfasts

Every once in a while, we fancy a cooked breakfast. A coffee and bacon roll don’t really count, and the last full fry up we had was at the hotel for my birthday in May. Since I’ve been with SW, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2016

Several people we know don’t bother with special cards for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and Birthdays or even exchange gifts any more. Over the years, we have celebrated with a ‘special meal’ one way or another, from a simple chicken fried … Continue reading

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How do you like them apples?

One of our Residents friends came down to the boat yesterday with some apples. This took me back to the days of our apple tree and the tons of fruit we had every year. This is how our apple tree … Continue reading

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Mental Personal Nudge

I’ve just remembered a DIY breakfast establishment, jostled from the grey matter of my memory by my previous post. Hubby and I were taking a B&B holiday break, traveling round and stopping where we fancied, so we didn’t actually book … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Walk Thought

The morning was bright, if not chilly first thing, and I got up early to walk her ladyship whilst Hubby was working on his blog. It was just after 7am as we walked down the Avenue, though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Yours is better

I know that many children are finicky with their food. I’m aware that some people are fussy and things have to be ‘just so’ on the plate. I accept that everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to their … Continue reading

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