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Book Review: A Gambling Man by David Baldacci

This is the second in the Aloysius Archer series and took a while to get going. Having not read the first (One Good Deed) I was glad of the introduction at the beginning as this was a new character to … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Liar’s Daughter

The Blurb: “There’s a monster in this family……. When Joe McKee dies, the whole of the Derry community is plunged into mourning, with friends and family left reeling at losing such a well-loved man to cancer. Joe’s daughter Ciara and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Letters from the Past

Erica James was one of my favourite authors because her stories are usually easy to read and her chapters aren’t very long so ideal for bedtime reading. I hadn’t read anything recent of hers so when I saw this on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Midnight Haiku

A Year in Contemplation: Midnight Haiku by Sue Vincent. ISBN 9781910478394 What can I say? I started and carried on until I’d finished. I have always enjoyed walks in the forest, along the beach, or through parks. We miss so … Continue reading

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Book Review : Life Lines, Poems from a Reflection

Life Lines: Poems from a Reflection by Sue Vincent. A beautiful read. ISBN 9781910478066 I read this collection of over fifty poems, at random, reading several aloud to Hubby as we’d settle down for the night. He particularly liked Bedwyr’s … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two: A Review

Notes from a Small Dog, Four Legs on Two. ISBN 9781910478271 This is my fourth Ani book by Sue Vincent, and definitely my favourite. A combination of verse and prose, it captures a dog’s eye view of food, cheese, balls, … Continue reading

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Doggerel : A book review

Doggerel by Sue Vincent ISBN 9781910478226 I spent a very cosy evening curled up in bed with Ani last night. This is another collection of poems and the photographs had me wanting to reach out and scratch those fluffy ears, … Continue reading

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Pass the Turkey: a book review

Pass the Turkey, the Small Dog’s Christmas by Sue Vincent. ISBN 9781910478233 I read this in its entirety before getting up this morning. I found it relaxing and charming, putting me in a good frame of mind to start the … Continue reading

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Laughter Lines……. Life from the Tail End

Laughter Lines, Life from the Tail End by Sue Vincent. ISBN 9781910478097 I finished reading this last night, and it was a real treat. It was Sue’s recent blog entry ‘Brunch’ that triggered me into ordering this book, mostly in … Continue reading

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Book Review :The Other Girl Erica Spindler

I had certainly not anticipated doing another book review quite so soon, but when you’re sitting waiting in a car park and there’s nothing much else to do, well I got stuck in. Looking at the list of other books … Continue reading

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