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I name this boat……………….

A comment on this post started a thought process and as promised, here is the story. Our boat was a Sea Otter, one of the last to be commissioned in fact, and as such, we had a cassette loo rather … Continue reading

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After Boating Life

It’s been a while since we took the boat up for brokerage. You can read our final trip entry here. Since then, we have been up a couple of times to run the engine, and there has been some interest, … Continue reading

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A Boating Waltz

I’ve mentioned several times about the forthcoming revamp here at the marina. Yesterday, one of the longer boats from the other basin came across to take up residence opposite us as expected, and our widebeam friends moved their vessel to … Continue reading

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The lights are on, but no-one’s home

It’s been raining today, and once again, the marina WIFI has failed. Actually it went off-line Friday afternoon, though we have not had to report it this time as several of the other boat owners, liveaboards or not, have gone … Continue reading

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Bowling Alley

In the mid seventies, I was an avid ten pin bowling player, belonging to two leagues. My ball weighed in at fourteen pounds, I had my own shoes and a personal locker set me back £5 a year. The team … Continue reading

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Things that go beep in the night

One thing about boaters is the respect and consideration they have for their neighbours. Since our arrival almost two years ago (Yes! Really!!), it is unusual to hear radios, TVs or even musical instruments (there are two guitarists across the … Continue reading

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Broad across the Beam

There are some beautiful boats here. None of the gin palaces or yachtie club variety, but some smashing cruisers, narrow boats and wide beams of various lengths and design. Ours is a 41 footer with a beam of 6’10”. For … Continue reading

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Gertrude is not my Aunty.

Storm Gertrude is making her presence felt as winds of up to 90 mph continue to hit us. It was windy yesterday evening and throughout the night, but having checked and double checked our ropes, Hubby slept through it all, … Continue reading

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Holiday Traffic

Clacking, clunking, gliding, Jerky, smooth or sliding, Motor, pole or rower, The pace can’t get much slower. Running, ambling, walking, Silent or happily talking, It’s all a matter of pace, In this idyllic place. On water or on the pathway, … Continue reading

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The Bleeding End

Hubby and I thought (stupidly) it would be nice to do the Stratford run again, hence our blogging absence for the last week. We stopped after two locks at a free mooring where it was so quiet, you could hear … Continue reading

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