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I name this boat……………….

A comment on this post started a thought process and as promised, here is the story. Our boat was a Sea Otter, one of the last to be commissioned in fact, and as such, we had a cassette loo rather … Continue reading

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The Bleeding End: a reblog for Flashback Friday 20th August

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Hubby and I thought (stupidly) it would be nice to do the Stratford run again, hence our blogging absence for the last week. We stopped after two locks at a free mooring where it was so…

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Waiting Day

The cooker is due to come today, and whilst we’ve been waiting, we’ve planted the onions, watered the back garden and cut the front lawn. The old cooker should be collected sometime today, and the double glazing guy is due … Continue reading

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And while we’re on the subject………..

Of dogs that is: I wrote this two years ago https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/a-topic-close-to-my-heart/ I am pleased to add this update which I should have done at the time: The lady in question went back to the shelter for Teddy. She was living … Continue reading

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Old friend, old life

I did a post some time ago about how transient the boating life is, and regular readers will know that we are no longer a part of it now. The couple mentioned in that post have now found a buyer … Continue reading

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Them wot Lunch

We were invited out to lunch today by some boating friends across the way who live locally. We arrived bang on 12.30 armed with a bottle of red wine, flowers and chocolates for our hosts who live in a converted … Continue reading

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The End of 2016

We started 2016 with plans to explore the canals and have more trips out in the boat, getting to enjoy our new choice of lifestyle and improve our boating skills. It didn’t happen, and I said to Hubby this evening … Continue reading

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The Lady in Red

I met this woman who is nearly always wearing a red coat, early last year in the laundry room. I was folding my washing as I took it out of the dryer and she made a big thing about people … Continue reading

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Frosty, frosty, frosty

We had our first real frost this morning, temperatures dropping to below zero during the night. Photos January 2015 I stayed in bed waiting for the heating to kick in, though we were quite cosy apart from some condensation on … Continue reading

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Picture This:

Silence, all but for chirruping of small song birds. A water surface like polished glass, without so much as a single ripple. No human presence visible, just a gentle rustling in the trees. A new day dawns, cool and fresh … Continue reading

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