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Good Day, Bad Day: a reblog for Flashback Friday

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Hubby and I are no strangers to DIY. We’ll get stuck in and do the job, and a good one at that. The good thing about DIY in a house is you can leave everything behind…

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tranquil

Frank’s theme this week is Tranquil https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/43011194/posts/2088789113 What better sense of tranquility than our days on the boat, puttering upriver on a gloriously sunny day, mooring overnight in peaceful surroundings with the only noise being birdsong or perhaps another boat … Continue reading

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Sleeping in………… not

For the first time in years we forgot to put the clocks forward last night! British Summer Time is here and so when we awoke at 7.45, it was actually 8.45. Not that we’ve been playing catchup all day though. … Continue reading

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Iffy WIFI again

It has taken me nearly all day to get on to the internet, and when I finally manage it, something crops up and I’ve had to stop what I’m trying to do. We’ve had a quiet day really, Hubby had … Continue reading

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Look out!

Shortly after Tuppy and her owners arrived, we had an instance here on the marina which awoke Hubby and I from our one and only Sunday afternoon siesta. Since then, the particular boat in question has had few visitors aboard … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Walk

With the clocks going forward last night, I was up late, well, 8 o’clock, but it was really only 7. Actually, the Abbey bells woke us. Normally we don’t hear them, but the wind was in the wrong direction and … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk, 13th March

Just me and Maggie this morning at 7.15, Hubby having gone back to bed after a bad night of pain and cramp. It was glorious, the sun a soft yellow orb filtering through the morning haze, and the magical melody … Continue reading

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Veg project part 1

Following success with our veg plot in the cottage, who would’ve thought that there was so much to take into account for putting a couple of trays on the boat roof to grow a bit of veg! After discussing what … Continue reading

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Sinks, loos, and all that bubbles

Here’s a little thought for you about boat living. I’ve said on several occasions how much I miss my washing line but there are a few other little things that as householders we probably take for granted (besides space, all … Continue reading

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Everything is going pear shaped. No internet access on the marina yesterday, so here we are in McD having coffee. Hubby can connect to their WIFI but I can’t, so I’m on his machine whilst he tinkers with mine. The … Continue reading

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