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Back on the Air……… sort of

It has been an odd couple of days, and when it’s been time to settle down with the laptop and WP in the evening, we’ve been having a few problems. But you know, we’re used to it, the getting pi55ed … Continue reading

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Coolant leak: Offenham workshop

Hubby lifted the back boards to check on the coolant pipes and discovered some serious drippage in the bilge. He had already replaced one hose last year, and true to form, it was now the other that was giving us … Continue reading

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Good job they bought a spare.

The guys trundled down the pontoon this morning at 9.48 having got caught in traffic. I went up to the office to log them in as Hubby made them coffee. Looking into the hole that is our engine bay, they … Continue reading

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A flicker at the end of the tunnel

Ok, maybe just a glimpse of daylight through a flap in the back canopy, BUT we have just had a phone call to say the guys are coming to fix the boat tomorrow at 9am. Coffees have been ordered (one … Continue reading

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Money Orientated

I hate money. Seriously. Sure, we are managing OK at the moment, but just as we seem to be making progress, a problem presents itself and I’m checking out the pennies again. Many people think that to eat healthily costs … Continue reading

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For safety feature, read PANIC!

After a really pleasant day yesterday, we watched ‘I Frankenstein’ (Aaron Eckhart) in the evening, and retired to bed around 11.15. Hubby always checks the touch sensitive digital display screen to make sure everything is as it should be, and … Continue reading

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While we were away

There has been quite a lot of activity here in the marina since our departure on June 30th. We have a new brood of cygnets, at least three new batches of ducklings (10, 5 and 4) and the little darlings … Continue reading

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Dodging the rain

Today has been absolutely dire, but first thing this morning was a different matter. After a good night’s sleep all round, Hubby was up first as is the norm, but Maggie and I settled down with the whole bed to … Continue reading

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Bob a Job (not)

Showing my age a bit now with Bob a Job week which was actually reintroduced in the UK in May this year after a twenty year absence. These days though, a bob (one shilling, a twentieth of a pre decimal … Continue reading

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