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Where has today gone?

OK, I grant you I went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 9, but we don’t seem to have stopped all day. It was glorious first thing but the weather is due to change for the weekend so … Continue reading

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Memories are made of this

Having spent a further three hours last night going through my posts and reducing the size of some of the unrealised gi-normous photos I had copied into my blog, I feel I have made progress. This morning, I went through … Continue reading

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All Challenges!

I’ve done six posts today and they are all challenges. My reader is going nuts and I have just had it flash up that I have 40 + new posts come in to read! That has to be a mistake! … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet

I’m a firm believer in that if you can’t say something nice about someone, then keep quiet. This was brought home to me years ago in the bank when I was angry about a co-worker and voicing my opinion about … Continue reading

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Fibbing Friday March 15

Love Fridays for this. Thanks Teresa for thinking it up! https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82277260/posts/2207725057 Time to think up some really good whoppers, but you know, sometimes it’s damn difficult not to give a true answer! What did the fox say? I am a … Continue reading

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Share your World 11th March 2019

Thanks to Melanie for her questions this week https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/58053187/posts/2202374728 QUESTIONS: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome! Your Mum and Dad are waiting for you over there. If … Continue reading

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Story Starter Challenge #9

Today’s prompt: “Look what the cat dragged in.” https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82277260/posts/2202109024 It was raining, and she was cold and wet, her sense of humour long drowned in the downpour. “Look what the cat dragged in.” her sister said sarcastically. ‘No cat is … Continue reading

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