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Birthdays of significance

A dear boating friend has recently celebrated his 80th birthday and kindly sent us photos of his family and celebrations. Apparently 16 adults and four children went out for an Italian meal, then it was back to their daughter’s house … Continue reading

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Birthdays………. a celebration or just another day?

Do you celebrate your birthday, especially in later years, or do you see it as just another day of the week that just happens to notch up another year in age? As a kid, birthdays were looked forward to with … Continue reading

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Forty, Forty, and Forty

My eldest niece is forty this month. She’s a mum and Nanna, and I have no idea if a party is planned. The card has already been sent. I remember OB’s fortieth. I was living in Bath then and we … Continue reading

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94 years young

It’s my Mum’s birthday today, and as we couldn’t get down to see her as originally planned, I gave her a call. My sister grunted ‘Hello?’ into the phone, then said she’d get her. End of conversation. Knowing Sis had … Continue reading


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It’s my birthday

Well, actually it’s not for a few weeks, but I was reading a post the other day about birthdays and what they mean for some people. As a young child, it meant a party (6 boys and 6 girls plus … Continue reading

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Collector Are you a Collector (someone who collects things for a hobby) or a Hoarder (someone who feels the need to find, collect, keep, pack ANY and EVERYTHING because they do not know how to throw things away) . I … Continue reading

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