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Sunday walk thoughts: 10th Sept

Hello and good morning to all my readers, new and regular! I haven’t done one of these for a while, but I was up bright and early (yes, I know, bit of a shock to the system!) as Maggie wanted … Continue reading

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Days of Summer

It’s tipping down with rain outside, but luckily I managed to get Maggie out for her second major walk of the day before it hit. Stew today and tomorrow, so the minimum of fuss and preparation in the kitchen which … Continue reading

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A Full Heart

I am sure all of us at some time or another have seen, or heard, something that makes our heart swell to such an extent, we are overcome with emotion. This can simply be laughter from a children’s playground, a … Continue reading

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Bird Watch

I have only done the RSPB garden watch here once, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice our feathered friends around us. This past weekend was wet, windy and cold, so the thought of sitting in the car with a … Continue reading

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Morning Serenade

Hubby has just nipped up for a shower so I’m here on the boat with the dog going through our emails and blog reader. I can hear gentle chirruping, and know exactly who that might be. A little while ago … Continue reading

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Crowing Over It

Greedy territorial vandals have been stripping parked cars of their back and front windscreen wiper blades, damaging the rubber windscreen seals, and viciously attacking the round rubber suction pad on SatNavs, even though they are on the inside of the … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk Observations

Maggie and I did the figure of eight route on our own this morning. It was interesting to see the number of lawns that have had their first haircuts of the year, and I remembered us putting it off as … Continue reading

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The Sound of Spring

I didn’t take part in the RSPB’s garden watch in January for two reasons: 1: I didn’t get their email reminder (incidental and wouldn’t have mattered) 2: We were away anyway. Coming back from my shower this morning, the cacophony … Continue reading

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Visitor or juvenile?

Walking back to the boat yesterday morning after our walk, I noticed a diving bird perched on the partially submerged bench at the entrance to our basin. Water fowl are obviously apparent here and I’m familiar with shags and cormorants, … Continue reading

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Love is in the air

Well, sort of. When Hubby was in one of his favoured DIY shops, I stayed in the car with the dog, and became intrigued with the behaviour of half a dozen or so feral pigeons on the industrial unit roof … Continue reading

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