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Bird Watching

I’m not a twitcher but over the years have got a lot of pleasure watching our feathered friends in the garden or hedges. Our lounge is at the front of our property so not only do I get to see … Continue reading

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The crows are crawing loudly outside our lounge window. If I didn’t know better, I would think we were taking part in the opening credits of a remake of Hitchcock’s classic The Birds. Starlings and their chicks have descended on … Continue reading

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And so it begins again

After four hours, I have finally got to the bottom of my reader for all things current and yesterdays late comers….. or so I thought. I now have another twenty or so posts to read. I’m getting there and will … Continue reading

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A different chirp

Every morning when we open the door we are greeted by a friendly sparrow welcoming in the day. He flies away, sometimes across to next door’s fence or up on to our roof, but we believe there may be a … Continue reading

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Hubby has been working hard outside and today I was able to give him a hand raking over the soil as he shifted it from the compost heap to the new flower bed. After Ratilda’s demise, Hubby has been vigilant … Continue reading

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Boxing Day 2018

No glorious sunrise this morning as it’s misty but extremely mild. We walked along the prom and there were more people out today with their dogs. Town itself is empty. Everywhere is closed, though there was some life in the … Continue reading

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Blackbird and Robin

Sounds like a 60s TV show or movie doesn’t it, but no, just a couple of birds sitting in the tree when I was walking Maggie this morning. The stiffness in her front leg has eased considerably, so whilst Hubby … Continue reading

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First Chick

I opened the blinds this morning to see two blackbirds on our lawn by the window. At first, I thought it was a male and female, but then the cheeping started and I realised it was a chick and adult … Continue reading

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Birds in the garden!

I saw my first bird on the feeder today………. a little sparrow. This evening I have been serenaded by a blackbird at the front of the house, but at bedtime when I let Maggie out for her final wee, we … Continue reading

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Crow’s Nest

We’ve all seen them, the nests at the top of spindly trees, and it is said that if the crows build their nest at the highest possible point, then we’re in for a hot summer. Looking out of the kitchen … Continue reading

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