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Tired eyes

Tired eyes, Bloodshot and gritty, Tired eyes, Why do they look so dim? How does a glow that shone once brightly Fade to a shadow long past, Tired eyes. Once, it was not an illusion, Youth in its prime was … Continue reading

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A Good Eye

Sheila looked around her apartment and the modern art that adorned three of the four walls. Pat really had a good eye, and knew exactly what to purchase that would be set off perfectly by the full panel windows in … Continue reading

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Trust, Trusting, Trustworthy

One of the important things in my book about relationships is Trust. It can be difficult to trust strangers coming into your home for whatever reason, and some of the ‘baggage’ they come with makes it harder, especially when they … Continue reading

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I’d rather not

‘But you love those kids!’ ‘Yes, I do, but I’d rather not go’. ‘I don’t understand. It’s been 2 years and you don’t want to go?’ ‘No.’ With that, Sally turned on her heel and went into the kitchen to … Continue reading

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