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Rant: 26th January

This country sucks. It bleeds us dry as we live and when we die, it bleeds us some more. Mum had been prudent in already paying for her funeral and selected the service and hymns she wanted. That side of … Continue reading

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The Day After is 19th January 2018

It was an odd day yesterday. I went through the motions of lunch, walking the dog, reading my blog and answering comments but felt like I was on the outside looking in. I’d already posted my Just Jot Jan contribution … Continue reading

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She’s gone

The text message came at 11.30 to say if I wanted to say my goodbyes, now was the time. Hubby and I dropped everything, and as I tried to cancel his doctor’s appointment, he packed up the dog and the … Continue reading

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Death in the Family…… walk thoughts

Perhaps an odd thing to be thinking about walking the dog, although bearing in mind the date, maybe not. My brother-in-law died seven years ago today. He was 54. It was a shock for everyone, and for me, the catalyst … Continue reading

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A New Candle

We went to the Abbey today to light a candle for our friend in The Lady Chapel. We actually lit four, one each for our Dads, and put two others in between them for her and her late husband. In … Continue reading

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Loss of a friend

The word ‘friend’ covers a multitude of people as they pass through our lives. To me ‘friend’ is one of many words in our language that is used too casually, simply because there isn’t another suitable to describe someone who … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday,  he would have been 87. We went into the Abbey to light a candle for him and my father in law, and The Lady Chapel stand was almost full. (This picture from last year) March … Continue reading

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Pest Control and Sanitary Bins

Yep, that was this guy’s job, and surprisingly enough, it was all part of the same company he worked for. Shower and hair wash day today, and as I was about to start drying my hair, a male head popped … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bridge

I have just read a heartbreaking post, and my thoughts are with the writer. I feel now is a good time to repost this, something I found of comfort. Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called … Continue reading

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For Dad

I lit a candle for you today, the anniversary of your leaving us. I sat in the church and cried because after eighteen years, I miss you so very much, and it’s not getting any easier. As the flame flickered … Continue reading

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