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It’s hard on them too

I mentioned yesterday about a beautiful sable and white German Shepherd that passes our house on a regular basis with her owner. She has the most wonderful temperament and  now she’s got to know us, likes some fuss. One of … Continue reading

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Little and Large.

I’ve mentioned before that we have never seen so many dogs in one vicinity as there are here, and I am getting to know (and getting known by) them all. Isn’t it funny that dogs know which is the biscuit … Continue reading

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Don’t talk to strangers

Or worse, accept treats from someone you don’t know. This was instilled into me as a kid, and something I passed on to any child in my care. As an adult, I tend to greet strangers with a smile, seeing … Continue reading

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None so queer as Folk

I’ve come across some funny people in my time. Not necessarily funny haha, but funny as in odd. I suppose it’s the People Watcher in me, as someone’s behaviour can be amusing, confusing, fascinating, irritating, suspicious or downright unreasonably rude! … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Perfect

Following slightly on from my post yesterday and also one from my friend Colin today, Maggie let the side down this morning by reacting to a playful 18 month old labrador. We are usually very proud of her behaviour, but … Continue reading

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Dear Colin

This post is actually dedicated to Colin’s dog, Ray. Maggie ‘did a Ray’ this morning. I was walking her back from the lock when she decided she didn’t want to go along the road, but turned right up towards the … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance

I read an article yesterday about a mother taking some youngsters to task over making fun of her autistic son, and my hat goes off to her. It nudged a memory, though in a totally different context, of how we … Continue reading

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Safety first

I have no problem with people who like the occasional tipple. Dad made wine and went for alcohol content after a few years of experimenting with various fruits, veg and even tea leaves. Honestly you could run your car on … Continue reading

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Beauty and The Beast

As I look at our dog curled up in her basket gently snoring the day away, she looks completely at peace with the world. She’s had 2 walks today, but if the weather continues to take a turn for the … Continue reading

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A Twitch in Time

At the end of January, it was the RSPB’s annual bird watch. I took part and recorded the different varieties and number of birds that visited our garden in my chosen hour. This year, we seemed to have more gold … Continue reading

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