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Some things never change

These days, my side of the bed is on the left, but it’s against the side of the boat. Most nights, I get hot, and I don’t mean toasty warm…… I mean HOT to the extent that you can almost … Continue reading

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finding our webbed feet

Day 3. The resident rooster-duck has adopted part of our pontoon and was practically banging on the window for breakfast this morning. We had yet another good nights sleep, but oh the fun we had in bed! Get your minds … Continue reading

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Making one’s bed……

Sleeping on the floor has never really been a problem in the short term (parties, camping, moving house) . This time, we have a mattress as it will be going with us in the car in case of bad weather … Continue reading

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Hang out the washing…….

Rain was forecast for later but we took a chance and did the washing this morning as it was a lovely blowy day, just right for getting the sheets dry. There’s something about washing that’s been dried outside, and the … Continue reading

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What’s your preference in bed?

Don’t panic. This isn’t X rated , but it got your attention didn’t it! Hubby started it. He asked me which glove I put on first, my left or my right. I had to think about it. I knew when … Continue reading

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Lap Dogs

Lap dogs are usually associated with tiny furballs such as chihuahuas, papillons or pomeranians. Some people refer to them as rats on a stick or fashion accessories (those who are polite anyway).

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Music for the Night

I don’t know about you, but these days most of the music on the radio sucks. Either that, or I’m getting old. Scratch that, I am old. Ho hum. Like so many working people years ago, I’d wake up to … Continue reading

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Squeaky Leekie

Twice a year we suffer the baby blues. Or should I say, the broody babies, or brood of babies. I’m not really sure what describes it best. We decided against having Maggie spayed as there was always the chance of … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

    The alarm went off as usual at 6am. Another day, starting with a yawn, long stretches, breakfast, and the usual getting ready routine. Boring, but then One had to do it. Padding down the stairs past the kitchen, … Continue reading

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Myth and the Man Flu

FIRST AND FOREMOST, MY APOLOGIES TO THE MALE SPECIES no offense is intended. In my experience, having a cold puts Men in two categories. THE FRAUD At the first sniffle, they’re reaching for the Lemsips and won’t believe you when … Continue reading

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