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And now for something completely different………………..

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH My subject isn’t exactly nasty, but if you’re like me and don’t particularly like feet, then this post may not be for you and I won’t be offended if you pass. I had … Continue reading

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I may not like spiders, but find their webs beautiful works of art. On a recent frosty morning, I took these pictures, one of our side mirror and the other under the rafters by the marina office. Like snowflakes, no … Continue reading

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Pastimes of Past Times Part 1

I went to an Open Day and Craft Fayre at the local residential home yesterday afternoon. It was within walking distance, and Hubby suggested I went on my own so as not to worry about the dog. As things turned … Continue reading

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Plant Life

I am like many people and do not have green fingers. Anyone give me a pot plant, and it is the kiss of death for this unsuspecting innocent of nature. A bunch of cut flowers I can handle now that … Continue reading

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I never did worry about the little things

This is actually a quote from the 1993  film The Assassin (aka Point of No Return) starring Bridget Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Gabriel Byrne. This particular post is nothing to do with hired professional killers though. (In the UK this … Continue reading

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The Scrapbook revisited

I wrote this many years ago as an Exercise and entitled it “A Soul In Torment”. We were all given the first line and had to make up the rest. The thing is, I can’t recall any of the other … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

I read an article in my reader by NOTQUITEOLD dated Feb 18 about Style Rules. It set my mind off on my tangent line, and I’ve come up with this (so thank you) .“Eyes are the windows to the soul.”

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