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A romp on the beach: 3rd July

A picture paints a thousand words: I took these this morning and her new white friends are samoyeds. Wonderful.

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A Romp on the Beach

It was doggy class today and a bit of a disappointment. Our trainer has had people let him down this week and only one person turned up on Wednesday (should have been 4), 2 people for the 9am class this … Continue reading

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Lay of the Land

We’ve been here over four years and there are still places we haven’t explored. I should have taken the camera today, but our intention was only to walk to the clubhouse and back so apart from the sea on one … Continue reading

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The Day After High Tide

Hubby and I didn’t get to go for our walk today until this afternoon. It was cold and we wrapped up really well, but despite gloves, scarves, hats, and thick coats, we were still chilled to the bone by the … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday January 4th

It is a beautiful day here, cold and bitter wind aside, so after breakfast we walked up to the prom to see if there was any storm evidence apparent. We had flood alerts yesterday, though flooding to property was unlikely, … Continue reading

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One I forgot yesterday

While we were walking along the shoreline yesterday, a black and white dog suddenly came rushing towards meĀ  and promptly dropped her ball for me to throw. Tash is a cocker spaniel and absolutely gorgeous. She has a playmate called … Continue reading

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The Beach today 21st December

Not all that long ago, the sand was flat and smooth. Not so today, and our sea defences are taking a hammering.

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Sand, Geese and a Bonsai!

We had a lovely walk along the prom this morning, and I took the Nikon to take some pictures. We set off through the park and came across a small flock of geese which included our Greylag/Canada goose family. Above … Continue reading

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I can hear the sea!

As I sit here in our lounge, the wind is blowing fiercely and you can hear the sea. It’s just over a five minute walk away and sometimes at night you can really hear it roar. There was a lull … Continue reading

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Sands of Time

Hubby and I walked home along the shoreline this morning. The tide was still going out and the sand under our feet solid and flat. The rippled indentations and gullies were flowing at various speeds, with gulls and small waders … Continue reading

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