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Maya deserved some quality time

Dogs don’t usually complain do they. They let you know when they want to go out or if they’re hungry, and Maya will bring a gonk or something and plonk it in my lap if she’s bored, but with our … Continue reading

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On the beach

It’s great to have our beach back. It was such a beautiful afternoon, we took the dog for a walk, arming ourselves with the sling shot and the Nikon camera.

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Today’s Walk 12th February

We set off this afternoon around 1.30, walking up along the flats and then the prom towards town. The wind was picking up but as it was behind us, we didn’t get sand blown in our faces. We noticed something … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday January 4th

It is a beautiful day here, cold and bitter wind aside, so after breakfast we walked up to the prom to see if there was any storm evidence apparent. We had flood alerts yesterday, though flooding to property was unlikely, … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold

Golden sands turn silky Under the morning sun, A new day, a new year Has silently begun. Cast away your troubles, The path leads to who knows where, Endless, seamless, beckoning To follow it to ‘There’………. A place where all … Continue reading


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Snapping away

We had a lovely walk this morning, not going as far as we’d intended as we stopped to chat with several people and get puppy fixes by the score. We’d taken the cameras today, Hubby manning the Nikon and me … Continue reading

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At the movies

We did something a little different this afternoon and sat down to watch a movie. This was not one of our DVDs, but something Hubby was watching on youtube yesterday and as I tend to just listen in and play … Continue reading

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Evening Prom Walk 8 July

These past couple of nights we have taken to walking Kela along the prom on the route she and her owner take on a regular basis. Last night we took the Canon and Hubby took some shots of the beach … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk 2nd July

We took the camera with us this morning, well, you never know we might see something of interest and have discovered that my phone camera sucks. It was nice in the park. I had a letter to post on the … Continue reading

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Please join us…………..

I said earlier we were hoping to have a walk in the park and we did just that before lunch. We were out for over an hour and there were quite a lot of people about.  There were geese everywhere … Continue reading

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