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School Days

There were two things most of the teachers in my senior school had in common: They were old, and they were spinsters. This one is a dead ringer for my geography teacher from 1968.

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People watchers

After the rains of late, it’s such a beautiful day we decided to go out to the river for our walk this morning. The journey there was exceedingly quiet with little traffic, and when we arrived, the three cars in … Continue reading

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Meet the In-laws

I’m pretty certain my mother in law has never really liked me. Perhaps ‘like’ is the wrong terminology as she had never met anyone like me before, and to be honest, didn’t know how to handle it. I’m a bit … Continue reading

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It costs nothing

to say Thank You. Yet when you do, the majority of people looked surprised, if not stunned. I was brought up to always say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, but sadly these two little things of politeness (or manners as Great … Continue reading

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Just the One please.

Medicine Head had a number 3 hit in 1973 with the single One and One is One. I was going through my ‘I- think-I-might-try-rock stage’ then (it didn’t last) , and as I was working, quite a bit of my … Continue reading

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