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Take it away! Take it away!

I heard these cries as I was coming out of the supermarket the other day. Hubby and Maggie were out of the car, and a young boy was dragging himself away from them, pulling hard on his Grandmother’s arm. This … Continue reading

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Diva Dream

Oh boy, this is a beauty! I dreamed I was a celebrity Diva, and did I live up to the hype! Travelling First Class by air, I did not want to book in (it was beneath me) so I was … Continue reading

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Weigh in Week Two

Not so good this week I’m afraid, in fact between us we have gained almost a kilo. I could make all sorts of excuses, but the crux of the matter is nobody forced us to eat the stuff, so we … Continue reading

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Young Love

I have never lived alone. Even when my marriage failed and a following relationship went belly up, I had somewhere to go, someone to care, someone to help pick up the pieces. I have also written my view on the … Continue reading

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Rings on her fingers

I did a post last year which included a little bit about nails (I apologise in advance for the horror images at the end of it). Today as I look at my hands and think my nails need trimming again, … Continue reading

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Coming home: Our Wedding, part three

Oh boy. Apparently a train porter had been attacked and killed, and the entire public transport system came out on strike. We had a problem. I mean, a serious series of problems, the biggest of which was our tickets had … Continue reading

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A feeling of self worth

I had two interesting posts in my reader this morning, both of which reflected on us as individuals, how others see us, and what the outcome may be on our mental health. Some years ago, I wrote a piece entitled … Continue reading

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Back to work?

When I was made redundant in 2001, it was only the second time I had to ‘sign on’ and become a Government Statistic of the unemployed. My previous experience in 1981 hadn’t been too bad, and I found a temporary … Continue reading

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A container for charity

Following on from my post yesterday, we were up early, and down at the lock up for 8am. We loaded up the car with the boxes we had sorted yesterday and did a charity shop run. Yesterday’s ‘deposit’ was received … Continue reading

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It’s a different world

Years ago, if anyone mentioned they owned a boat, stuck up yachtie types with their stripey tee shirts, shorts and deck shoes drinking G and Ts with a superior group of friends came to mind. This opinion stems from people … Continue reading

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