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If I have to be ill………………

I have found the doctor I want to see and who I shall ask to see rather than the idiot that Hubby has got lumbered with. I’ve mentioned our surgery before (and the previous Lincolnshire one) and what a shambles … Continue reading

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Getting side tracked

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I am a People Person. I am interested in what someone has to say, listen politely if I’m not, and whilst not exactly the Ambassador of Tact, I supposed you could say I … Continue reading

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Monday Positivity

Oh the day has started so well. Hubby’s birthday, and he finally let me buy him a watch, even though it wasn’t the one we’d originally agreed on (he said he wanted to look somewhere else first, but we never … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic!

I sometimes wonder if I would have had my paranoia about food had the teachers at grammar school not hit on me because I didn’t fit the mould, and subsequently made me feel guilty about anything I ate. Had lessons … Continue reading

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High Visibility? Perhaps not.

My back took a bit of a beating yesterday. I woke up stiff to start with, though I was comfortable enough in bed, and had a lovely hot water bottle asleep alongside me, all four feet at full stretch. I … Continue reading

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The true cost of Christmas

According to reports, the average British Family are going to spend in excess of £800 on Christmas, with almost a quarter of those spending more than they can afford (link). The TV commercials are full of festive cheer……. spending, gambling, … Continue reading

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Worrying Wednesday

First and foremost, she’s OK. Taken at MOH’s earlier this year A little while ago, we discovered a lump and rather than panic straight away, kept an eye on it. Maggie has several wart like bumps on her anyway, but … Continue reading

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‘Dog Whisperer’?

There have been very few dogs I’ve come across in my life that don’t ‘like me’, and most are up for a fuss and a cuddle regardless of size, age or breed. I’m putty in their hands, and they know … Continue reading

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Litter Louts

It seems today it’s a novelty to find a polite young man (as were the three in the sinking vessel on Sunday evening despite their predicament) and to see a group of youths? Well, quite honestly, they make me nervous. … Continue reading

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Guilty Conscience?

I was once asked what my reaction would be if my husband were to suddenly buy me flowers completely out of the blue for no apparent reason. My reply was that I’d thank him and put them straight in water. … Continue reading

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