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The Power of Colour

Have you ever thought about how powerful colours can be? I don’t mean dazzling hues of reds, purples or oranges, but just the significance of a particular colour and the effect it has on people. Flashing lights can trigger migraine … Continue reading

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Shot in the Ass

I’m having a warped sense of humour kind of day thanks to yesterday’s title and having a cheese sandwich for lunch. In my LBH (Life Before Hubby) I was a sucker for a sob story, hated conflict (still do) and … Continue reading

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One of my earliest posts was about friends and family. Once again we have been labelled as The Bad Guys because we said ‘NO’. We are seen as selfish and uncaring, those who make excuses rather than do our Duty, … Continue reading

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When we got back to the car after this morning’s walk, we met up with the Single Red Setter man. We asked after his wife who has been ill and he was pleased to tell us that she had gone … Continue reading

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