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Getting Old Sucks

Hubby and I were chatting about our various ailments the other day and agree that we don’t have a healthy body between us…………… well, apart from Maya. I had my rheumatology appointment today, which I had thought was at 10.15 … Continue reading

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Musical Pause

I sat down to play today, To try and chase the blues away, It always helped me in the past, But sadly doubt on that is cast. I cannot play as well as I did, The music eluded me and … Continue reading

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Today I should have…………………..

Got the results of my recent MRI scan, ultrasounds and blood tests as arranged by a third party medical company in respect of my arthritis. We arrived early for my appointment, so had a cup of coffee before making our … Continue reading

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Putting my feet up

We walked up into town today to get some sealant for Hubby to do a small repair on the lights housing on the car. We couldn’t use the car because…………….. oh yeah, no lights. Maya was pretty good walking up, … Continue reading

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An old hand

I haven’t been doing that much today, yet tonight my hands are really painful. These pictures were taken over two years ago and I stopped wearing my rings some months ago as my joints were so swollen. As I compare … Continue reading

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X-ray results

The doc called just after 9.15 this morning. We hoped she’d call early so that we could get on with the day, especially the way things had turned out in the garden. I promised Bro I’d let him know which … Continue reading

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Showing my claws

Since Hubby and I have been together (almost 29 years now), I have stopped biting my nails. The result is 10 rather uneven crescents that tend to split if I’m feeling a little under the weather or missing doughnuts something … Continue reading

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Old Girl

I lingered and watched you walking, A fluid spring in your gait, Taking in your surroundings, You stop when I tell you to wait. Nothing is missed by that nose of yours, You squat often to leave your mark, At … Continue reading

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A Supermarket too far

Oh boy, am I suffering today. When I got back from my walk yesterday and made my peace with Maggie, I was in some serious discomfort with my knee and ankle, so I took a couple of pain killers and … Continue reading

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A Bitter and Expensive Pill to Swallow

I am not one to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary or unavoidable. Actually I am very lucky insomuch as it is rare that I am ill, but when I am, I AM! Before I moved back to Dorset … Continue reading

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