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The internet is all very good but……………..

Hubby has a hospital appointment tomorrow, one that had to be postponed because of Dick, and it’s not where we thought it was. Luckily, he discovered this a few days ago so went on to the internet and got a … Continue reading

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Sorry, we shouldn’t have scheduled that………

You can’t make these things up. The saga of Hubby’s hospital appointment continues. After Sunday’s cancellation and confirmation of his new appointment on the 26th in the post, we have been dutiful and arranged an INR appointment the day before … Continue reading

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Dog Friendly

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster day today. We were all organised for Hubby’s endoscopy appointment, planning to go early so as to walk the dog, do some banking business and I wanted to check out some picture … Continue reading

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Admiring the view

Four properties today, though we’d only originally had appointments to see three and the fourth was pure luck as it was the same agent who had the coded keys for both properties in the same road. We were on the … Continue reading

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Diabetes check

Just over a week ago, I made an appointment for my diabetes MOT. Then a funny thing happened on Friday. I received a letter dated the 22nd June from the surgery saying my check up was due and to make … Continue reading

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Depends on the Day

Today is Monday, the day following Sunday that heralds the start of a new week. A day when most of my working colleagues were miserable or grumpy because the weekend was over and they were about to be stuck in … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Day

It’s been a funny kind of day today as we have been doing a bit here and a bit there. Hubby had an INR blood test this morning, and I had an appointment this afternoon. Sadly we couldn’t piggyback this … Continue reading

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