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Sleep? Fat chance.

We have a routine, almost like clockwork, and have kept to it for years. Bedtime is around 9pm, dog has final wee just before, then we take our pills and retire. Sometimes we read to get dopey ready to turn … Continue reading

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Something in the air

This was a hit in 1969 for Thunderclap Newman, a 45 I played and played and played which probably drove the neighbours nuts! However, this post is not about music. It would appear that not only Hubby is having digestive … Continue reading

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Firework Nights

Sorry to go on about it, but I’m sick of them. Fed up to the teeth of trying to settle Maggie and just when I think things have finished, some bloody idiot sets off another lot. It’s not just the … Continue reading

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Noise and rain

When it’s raining like this, I’m glad we live on a boat. At least we don’t have to worry about the water coming in over the front step or blocked drains. For Maggie though, it’s a different matter. She tolerates … Continue reading

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Anxiety twins

Oh boy. Have I had my work cut out for me this evening. Our friend has been in hospital today, and it looks like he may be kept in overnight. No problem really, as we are here to look after … Continue reading

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Couldn’t sleep

It rained last night. ALL night, and I was anxious about the dog as she got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She did this when the fireworks were going off, being restless and agitated, which made Hubby … Continue reading

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You know you wanna……..

I am always having imaginary conversations in my head over potential scenarios. Hubby took this photo this morning of our Love Birds from the other day. Him: Don’t be silly. Come over here and sit in the sunshine. Her: No. … Continue reading

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To sleep, or not to sleep

Interesting topic on the radio over the past couple of days. It would appear that many people are not getting enough sleep, or are only napping due to anxiety or their subconsciousness. Why? Because they take their mobile phone into … Continue reading

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  “What does a Vampire with no teeth give you?” Answer: a very nasty suck.     OK, old joke, but hopefully it still raised a smile.     Your smile can tell someone a lot about you. A smile … Continue reading

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