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Over thirty years ago, I had my picture taken with a 20 foot long python called Monty. It’s up in the roof in a box (I think) and I said if I found it, I’d post it. Well I’ve gone … Continue reading

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Bangs and Booms

These days, fireworks are set off regularly from October to mid January. Guy Fawkes may have had the monopoly for Nov 5th, but now there are umpteen reasons for displays, be they private or professionally organised. My nephew is qualified … Continue reading

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It’s a Duck’s Life

One thing about living on a Marina, you get to see the goings on of wildlife close up. The rabbit population is now fit and well, the swallows have left, crows, gulls, magpies and pigeons are plentiful, I can hear … Continue reading

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It saddens me

I love nature, but I hate the cruelty of it. Even more, I hate the interference of Man in upsetting the balance, from the felling of trees and destroying habitats to the introduction of some manufactured disease. I saw a … Continue reading

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Mothers I have known

As many countries celebrate Mother’s Day today, my mind is drifting to parental relationships elsewhere in another kingdom. Two fields behind us are a herd of cows. They are a variety of colours, from black and white, brown and white, … Continue reading

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Scent and Scentability

Did you know that the average human nose can detect nearly 10,000 distinct scents? (source WIKI). Also, our sense of smell is closely linked to our sense of taste. We have all seen the connoisseurs swirl the wine in the … Continue reading

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Come walk with me

We did a figure of eight walk today. Apart from being with me of course, Hubby would know our route exactly, purely from my narrative. We parked in the top lay-by and walked down the path turning right to go … Continue reading

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A Walk in The Woods

    It’s surprising what you notice, or miss, when walking in the woods. You may visit the same area every day, but no two days will ever be completely identical. Colours of the four seasons show different contours and … Continue reading

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