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I am getting SOOOOO angry!

I gave her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. Felt sorry for her even with the tabloid interviews with the family from hell. But I am sick and tired of seeing her name in the headlines as she … Continue reading

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What is society coming to?

And how can these people possibly call themselves human beings? Hubby has just read about two supermarket delivery vans being attacked and set on fire in Bristol. I read today about a supermarket member of staff being spat at, not … Continue reading

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As if the Coronavirus wasn’t enough and food shortages are nationwide. Then the over 70s are going to be isolated in their homes ‘for their protection’. We know of several who have no family or friends locally and live alone. … Continue reading

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Cheesed off

It has been just one of those days, and now when all I want to do is relax with my Blog, the marina’s wifi is screwing me around. It has taken over half an hour to get in, and to … Continue reading

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Interesting………… or not

In May, I wrote a post about the interest rate on my savings account being reduced by a third to 1%. There’s a little snippet in the news today about interest rates for ISA savers (link) Our government have got … Continue reading

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Firework Nights

Sorry to go on about it, but I’m sick of them. Fed up to the teeth of trying to settle Maggie and just when I think things have finished, some bloody idiot sets off another lot. It’s not just the … Continue reading

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Today is cancelled (please)

Oh how I wish we could do a Maggie, have a little snooze and it’s the start of a new day. When disaster strikes, all hell is let loose as is the bad language, tempers and verbal hitting out at … Continue reading

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I haven’t got time for this

Or the patience either. Somebody, or some bodies, have been tinkering behind the scenes at WP and now it is taking AN AGE for things to post, load, read and identify let alone log in. Then the screen starts rolling … Continue reading

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Anger Management

She was running late, and damn, had just put her finger through her last pair of tights. It would have to be trousers and pop socks today. Dirty dishes lay in the sink and nothing had been laid out for … Continue reading

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How the Mite-y fall

WARNING: CREEPER ALERT: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED: I am embarrassed. I am appalled. I am disgusted. And I am damn angry!! We are clean people. We keep our home clean and tidy. We hoover every day. We turn back … Continue reading

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