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Abandon Ship!

When someone who lives aboard their boat dies in tragic circumstances (link) it brings it home to all of us how easily things can go so terribly wrong. When we lived in the house and had students, we had an … Continue reading

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Things that go beep in the night

One thing about boaters is the respect and consideration they have for their neighbours. Since our arrival almost two years ago (Yes! Really!!), it is unusual to hear radios, TVs or even musical instruments (there are two guitarists across the … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night

One thing about having a dog is that they ‘alarm up’ if something is out of kilter. Maggie is pretty good, she will bark during the day, but if she hears something out of the ordinary at night, she is … Continue reading

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Music for the Night

I don’t know about you, but these days most of the music on the radio sucks. Either that, or I’m getting old. Scratch that, I am old. Ho hum. Like so many working people years ago, I’d wake up to … Continue reading

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They Come at Night

With Bonfire Night not so far away, please remember to check your wood piles before lighting them for hedgehogs as they will be looking for places to hibernate (November to March). Many years ago, we had no pets as we … Continue reading

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